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Naturopathy provided body´s own defense

Health Tips

Naturopathic Practice  Roswitha und Michael Ernst

 Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !

A great many diseases and ailments can be avoided whether it is by changing your eating habits, or by doing yoga, relaxation exercises or gymnastics regularly.

Do you do sports regularly for example?

Do you include fresh and sometimes also raw fruit and vegetables in your daily diet?

We would like to provide you with a few simple health tips in order to stay fit, to feel vital and energetic, and basically to do the best that you can for your health because ultimately our health is the most important thing we have, don´t you think?

Our vision and philosophy

 We see ourselves as naturopathic practitioners, that is, "biologically-minded healders" who treat the whole person and who are able to empathize with them.

Health“Health is having normal metabolism.This not only means that waste matter must be properly broken down and completely eliminated from your body through your excretory organs, but also that the nutrients you need to build up your system must be constantly replaced through the proper digestion of organic matter and good blood circulation, so that even the most remote parts of your body can be supplied with new nutritional substances." p.2

“Illness, however, comes from malfunctioning metabolism."
“Whether because of a lack or an excess of movement, because of damage to the nervous system resulting from excesses of any kind, or whether because of hereditary circumstance and a malfunction of one or more of your excretory organs: all metabolites that cannot or do not leave your organism quickly and completely enogh accumulate in your system and act as foreign substances, thus as poisons (natural poisons, autotoxins)."p.2   

“.......Naturopathy is in the position to cure all illnesses, namely to really cure them, is capable of treating not only acute illnesses, but also old, deeply-rooted, cronic ills, if the life force of the body can still respond to a certain degree." p.2

“.... As if nature, which tolerates no compromises, could be bargained with!
 Everything wich violates natures´laws is  unnatural and finds its inescapable expression in disease." p.5
" Illness and health are only the visible expression of our attitude towards life." p.5

All quotations are taken from:
“Das Naturheilverfahren sein Wesen und seine Anwendungsformen” (Naturopathy: its nature and application methods"
published by Heilpraktikerbund Deutschland  Schriftenreihe 4.Folge 1920

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